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  • Haptic/Somatic

    “Haptic/Somatic” curated by Patricia Miranda is on view from Sept 30 to Dec 2, 2021 in Southern Connecticut State University Buley Art Gallery. Read the details HERE.


    “In The Wake of Slumber” guest juried by Natalia Nakazawaon view 5/15 – 6/09 | Paradice Palase 1260 Broadway, Brooklyn. You may go over the details here.

  • Monuments to the Future

    Monuments to the Future, the 2021 edition of the on-going Stations of the Cross project hosted by the Henry Luce III Center for the Arts & Religion. A public art project that seeks to use the Passion story to prompt reflection and action in response to social injustice. Listen to my audio narrative about Veiled, which I photographed in Shanghai.

  • Constructed Mysteries

    “Constructed Mysteries” curated by Kenneth Steinbach and Michelle Westmark Wingard, is on view in-person until April 18th at Bethel University Olson Gallery by appointment. READ the catalog here and follow the gallery Instagram @bethelgalleriesfor details on the upcoming video tour.

  • Photo essay, “An Indelible Season: NYC, 2020”

    Image Journal, Issue No. 106, a literary journal publishing my photo essay, An Indelible Season: NYC, 2020 about my experience during the COVID-19 quarantine in NYC this past spring.

  • Joyce Yu-Jean Lee’s solo exhibition “Growing Glo-cal”

    My solo exhibition, Growing Glo-cal, opens at Womenswork.Art gallery, 4 South Clinton, Poughkeepsie, 12601.

  • State of the Dysunion II

    My solo exhibition “STATE OF THE DYSUNION II” at Walford Galleries, Adams Hall, Wheaton College, 501 College Avenue, Wheaton, IL, 60187. Link of the virtual documentation here. On view: Until October 22nd 2020


    A charity auction for the celebration of the Suffrage Movement and 100 Years of Women’s Rights organised by The Delaware Contemporary

  • Exhibition Review: Home Alone Together

    ‘Together’ is a word which carries unusually poignant resonances right now in the midst of a global pandemic. The fact that churches worldwide forewent assembling for celebrations of Pentecost—that day of great gathering together of God’s Spirit and the nations—serves as a case-in-point for our situation.

  • Home Alone Together Twenty Five Artists

    Home Alone Together: We are told that home is where the heart is, but also that, while we can travel the world in search of what we need, we must return home in order to find it. Home has been described as the centre and circumference, the start and finish, of most of our lives. That may be particularly so at this time, in both its constraining and revelatory senses. Home can be a place of abuse which it is imperative to leave but may also be a shelter from storms and the place where our most important work is done.